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Christmas Resources

We love celebrating Christmas at Lakewood!  We have a great creative team that has planned some unique services to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  These involve a variety of people and worship elements.  If you need a Christmas worship service for your church, here are some that you can download for free. 

ccc Real.jpg


Rooted in Philippians 2:6-11, this service tells of the Incarnation of Christ and leads people to worship Him for this profound mystery.  

This service is told with a visual of a ladder. Christ left His crown, came down to a cradle, died on a cross, and ascended to receive His rightful crown.  He did this because we cannot “climb” our way to heaven.  Jesus became our ladder to our Father and eternal life.  


Good News of Great Joy

The headlines show us just how good we are at life on our own.  Sin results in chaos and fear and death.  But we don’t need to be afraid. This service is a celebration of the hope and salvation that God sent to earth on Christmas.  We can face the bad news of the world with a calm assuredness in God and with a peace that comes from knowing His name and trusting in Him.

more than real.jpg

More than a Holiday

Our culture tells us that Christmas is a mere holiday.  Are we just following the trends of culture? Or are we purposeful in how we celebrate?  This service challenges us to ask ourselves how Christmas traditions and symbols can point us to keeping Christ as the center of our holiday celebrations and our worship. 

Image by Chris Sowder

The Story of Christ's Coming

This is a service that combines music, narration, video, drama, communion, offering, worship, and audience participation in order to celebrate the coming of Christ.

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